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Interfaith Programs

OneJax offers a variety of interfaith events and series that encourage the community to connect and engage through their spirituality, all while exploring—and celebrating—religious diversity of different faith traditions.

OneJax offers programs for the community as well as programs exclusively for the clergy of all faiths.

This includes opportunities for self-care and support.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Gratitude Service

An annual Thanksgiving service expressing gratitude from a variety of faith perspectives within the Jacksonville community. This event takes place each year on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Free and open to the community. 

Chaplain Gathering: Caring for Self – Caring for the Other

This gathering offered a professional networking opportunity and addressed two dimensions of chaplaincy and specialized pastoral care – (1) “Caring for Self” and (2) “Caring for the Other.” This event was open to practicing chaplains and ministers in specialized ministries such as hospital, university, hospice, military, law enforcement, corrections, corporate and more.”

Supporting Together

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